Video has moved beyond the enterprise and your customers are leading the way

In recent times, several industries have been experiencing demand for change driven from numerous directions, not least from regulatory pressures and customer attitudes to service. The adoption of video technology to provide access to specialist advisors is one such change. However, the attitude to video may be shaped more by personal rather than professional experience. Indeed, whilst video technology has been deployed in the enterprise for some time, workplace adoption is far from ubiquitous. In contrast, in the consumer space video usage has accelerated and changed perception of “good enough”.

Avaya’s approach to video deployment is shaped by our ‘Customer Experience Management’ (CEM) approach. Our experience has identified that successful video deployments are determined more by customer focused, ‘experience centric’ solutions, rather than enterprise centric room-based systems.

Key insight 1: Video growth is influenced more by consumer video adoption than enterprise grade investments. Avaya recommends video communication should be intuitive, easy to use and enable impromptu interaction3.
‘Shared space’ intimacy is the goal for video –voice insight can shape this experience

Research suggests that the value of video is delivered through immersive interaction rather than technology in isolation. Indeed, video creates a sense of ‘co-presence’. Over 72% of users, professional and personal, ‘find video more intimate than a phone call’ – reflecting the positive impact of visual communication. Indeed, 55% of human communication is seeing another person, whilst 38% is voice tone and 7% actual spoken words. Without the visual cues; customers are less likely to have the comfort and confidence to undertake more high-value, high-risk transactions. However, the combination of effective visuals and voice insight can raise video communication from simple interaction to shared intimacy.

Key insight 2: Video solutions should promote ‘co presence’ and intimacy. Avaya can help customers create the optimal ‘shared space’ by leveraging voice and speech analytics to support visual interaction.

Video may amplify awkwardness – agents need to have a holistic view of customer interaction
Research also suggests that video amplifies certain aspects of interaction. Specifically, attention is exaggerated such that appropriate facial expression, eye contact and attentiveness are more noticeable. Multitasking is also challenging as 45% of users ‘worry that others may be able to tell when they’re not paying attention’. This highlights the importance of ensuring the customer and agent experience is factored into the video solution design. Customer context, interaction history and ease of use are critical considerations. For example, the use of co-browsing to guide customers through an interaction is more important than video quality.

Key insight 3: Video solutions should provide an easy end to end experience that enables the agent to leverage contact centre customer insight through Avaya capabilities such as Context Store, Co-Browsing and electronic document interaction. This can help reduce inattentiveness caused through lack of customer information or disjointed document and screen sharing.

Avaya’s customers have seen a significant improvement in business benefits:
The most powerful gains have been realised through an evolutionary approach from existing customer contact centre approach with embedded Video Expert capability to deliver:

Adoption of Video x3:
• Familiar consistent experience initiated by ‘on demand’ video through branch, web and mobile.
• Rapid acceptance of video with average 3 fold increase in adoption within the first year.

Customer Advocacy 10% increase:
• Richer visual and vocal insight from Video Expert through contact centre analytics tools.
• Video Expert delivers a 10% increase in Net Promoter Scores versus telephony contact centres.

Conversion Rates from 30% to 60%:
• ‘End to end’ customer awareness and single immersive screen experience delivers increased agent focus.
• Two-fold increase in customer conversion, for Video based contact centres compared to telephony alone.

Cost reduction up 10%:
• Enhanced collaboration through co-browsing, document and desktop sharing can be tagged, managed and accessed through robust contact centre technology.
• Video Expert has enabled more efficient use of specialist resources leading to an average cost reduction of around 10%.