Never mind shopping at home – I want to bring my home to your shop and at this years RBTE on TheFutureStore.Today stand you can.

cloudOver the last 15 years we have seen an increasing pace of innovation extending the boundaries of the retail experience beyond a trip to the shops. E-commerce revolutionized home shopping and the arrival of the smart phone, tablets and faster networks started to extend the opportunity to shop. Comparison-shopping on the move has already got to the point where American Consumers scan Barcodes and see where they can get a cheaper deal and “show rooming” as its known is now a major consumer behaviour change that some Analysts say impacts nearly half of US Retail.

Shopping at home has also gone through dramatic change with the arrival of “click and collect” and a range of other services that blend together the different channels of shopping from the physical world and the digital one. And of course that’s before you add augmented reality that allows you to be at home and look at the furniture from a catalogue and see it in your room.

At this year’s RBTE TheFutureStore.Today will take that one stage further. A new Augmented Experience product called DigitalBridge is going to show visitors how to “bring their home into your store”. Augmented Reality Apps can only take you so far, but DigitalBridge allows you to see all kinds of changes to your space from changing the paint or wallpaper on the walls to choosing where a picture might go and a whole lot more.

I spoke to Digital Bridge Founder and CEO David Levine: “ This technology is about 2 things…  firstly its about bridging the imagination gap. If you are anything like me then it’s really hard to imagine what the tiny swatch of wallpaper or sample paint pot will look like when it actually goes into my room. Secondly its about making it as easy as possible for anybody to make better choices about home decoration. Home decoration is one of the few things that you can’t just take back to the shop if you are not happy with the result”.

At Olympia you are going to be able to play with this technology and we are going to also have some interior designers on hand so you can bring a picture of your room into TheFutureStore.Today and see what different colours textures and furniture will do to the look of your space.

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This is an insight into how the retail for home furnishings and decoration and interior design will change over the next few years. This is just one of the innovations we are demonstrating.