Understanding if your Customer Experience Strategy is fit for purpose is vital.

What are the key trends that you are developing tactics to address within your strategy today and are they the right ones?

Since we started Customer Experience Audits as a process more and more people have been writing to me to ask for tips on how to check if you have a problem or not. (You can go strait to play with the toy and see how you score click here)

Or if you want to read a bit – here are some Do-it-yourself tips

CX is about the understanding of business processes, customer relationships, costs etc. in terms of outcomes.

CX is just the next generation BPR (Business Process Re engineering) environment, that has built upon methodologies such as Six Sigma, Behavioural Science & other disciplines to define the measurement of outcomes agnostically across Departments, Channels, Platforms and Silos. Customer Experience is the science & execution of outcomes.

CX doesn’t care if its about support via the call centre or sales via the website it is the framework for understanding the outcomes and impacts.

But these Outcomes don’t operate in isolation. There are always key Internal drivers and views that also impact those outcomes. When you audit you are mapping these against a complex series of factors and real world metrics. But much of what you are checking is simple so here are a few simple questions for you to have fun with.

There are a few basic questions we have been using for the last 10 years before we get into any of the Science.

So here are some simple questions for you to ask….

If you are comfortable with all your answers then you probably are making continuing progress to optimal experience – if not, start from why not.

How much has your Customer Experience Strategy changed over the last 3 years? (If it is not radically – Answer No)

Can everyone in your organisation describe their role in Customer Experience?

Is performance incentive linked to CX?

Are your main interactions on consumer technology?

Does your Finance Team have a Customer Experience Expert?

How Much?

What % of your turnover do you spend on innovation?

How much do you spend on experience design?

How much do you spend on experience integration across channels to produce blended single experiences?

How much money did you save and how much value improved through improved Customer Experience last year?

What is next years target?

Did you spend on CX training Last Year?

How good are we at measuring the outcome of our interactions with Customers?

How good are we at influencing the outcome of our interactions with Customers?

Who is winning?

Who are better informed – your Customers or your staff?

Are the number of competitive offers available through the same channels increasing – producing pressure on margin?

Who has the better technology – your Customers or your staff?

Who uses social media more effectively – your Customers or your staff?

Who uses the omni channel experience better – your Customers or your staff?

Do we have CX Dashboards that show experiences across organisational silos?

Do we deliver experiences across organisational silos?

Do we understand and use the emotional cadence of our relationship to reduce cost? (You should do – it probably impacts 50% of service recovery cost)

And finally how do I think we would do in 150 separate tests

Answering these questions with a few colleagues should start a healthy debate around all kinds of Customer Experience impacts and you should be able to get a real sense of the general state of of your Customer Experience Strategy ……

If you want to try a few questions from this list and see how you score click here

If you are not sure click here

….Hope this is useful Mp