There will be CX OCD (CX Omni Channel Design) 1 day training courses globally this academic year (15-16).

1 Day CX Omni Channel Design CXFO Certified

The course will cover the mechanics of Omni-channel service design. From connecting channels & silos together to key strategies such as:

The single customer experience across every channel is now table stakes – today your customers have unified communications, they have access to more information about your services than your staff, they moved between channels and react to new trends more effectively than your organisation. It doesn’t stop there, customers have access to better technology more choice of supplier they are able to communicate more effectively than your organisation does. Their expectations of service from you is increasing in terms of quality and behavioural science shows that they are becoming less tolerant of your mistakes. A new generation of Digital natives are showing significantly less loyalty than previous generations.

These are just a few of the practical drivers for the need to deliver omni channel Service. Small organisations can do it today but very few large organisations have been able to steer their way through the minefields of Legacy systems meeting new social channels across silos and organisation.

This training course provides insight into the impacts to all stakeholders. There are also contributions from leading technology companies around what the next generation of infrastructure will look like. The course is provided to support IT professionals as well as their business stakeholders as its primary focus is the key strategies issues and opportunities relating to an omni channel design.

This covers:

Single presentation layer

Single view of the Customer and the experience -this is not simply about how to connect different Data sources but also tell you build in appropriate KPIs and SLAs to support the on the channel proposition

Universal Agents – omni channel should deliver a single customised experience for Everyone in the organisation. But omni channel takes you further. The connected experience extends to thinking of your customers in the same way. However this section primarily look at connecting the enterprise to the contact centre and other customer contact points..

Business process re-engineering impacts

Social media and the use of technology to socially engage your stakeholder community

The support of legacy systems

The changing roles of different departments and look at the Best practice in organisational design globally.

It will also cover the tools and tactics necessary to develop a unique Omni-Channel Target operating model for the delegates organisation.


The courses objectives is to provide you with the practical tools, and a practical approach, which will help you to develop organisational change.

It will be timed with the other courses on this years workshop curriculum.

There will limited places per venue –  you are part of a team working on problems towards completing a change plan to support to your o omni channel aspirations, execute it and of course, winning the highest grade.

London – November

Middle East – December

Barcelona – December

Singapore – February

New York – April

Cost £780 (Plus Tax)

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