We are asking  you to take part in our global survey about Customer Experience for senior professionals in large organisations and their partners.

Customer Experience MaturityThere is a growing awareness that excellence in Customer Experience (CX) delivers significant commercial benefits and builds customer loyalty, advocacy and long-term value. Companies win, by using it for competitive advantage, however, they need to keep up with best practice and the latest thinking. But you know that the understanding of, and science around, CX is changing fast!

So where are you on that Journey today?  And do your customers agree?

By answering this short survey, you can assess your organisation’s level of knowledge and skill in CX, you will receive a copy of the results and a benchmark report of how your organisation stacks up against thousands of others produced by the Foundation.

Find out which are the biggest challenges and highest priorities for Customer Experience over the next 12 months!

You will also be able to access additional content.

All your answers will be treated with confidentiality and consolidated at industry level.

Please note – We guarantee that this survey will not result in any sales contact at all by any organisation. It is purely for the purpose of research to help improve CX.

This will take about 5 – 10 minutes to complete so why not have a go!

In partnership with Qualtrics and Call Centre Helper.


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