Meet the team

Morris Pentel
Morris PentelChairman & Founder
A leading practitioner in Customer Experience.

A futurologist and designer of customer experience & customer contact strategy working for large organisations and Governments around the world. A globally recognised professional public speaker and writer on the future of contact new technology & strategies running one of the most advanced business science organisations in the world.

A leader in Customer Experience Design & Engineering delivering reduced cost and increased profits together with improved process and experience to large organisations and governments around the world.

He has been a keynote speaker in

USA, UK, Australia Austria France Monaco Germany Sweden United Arab Emirates Qatar South Africa Spain Turkey Greece China Singapore Italy Hungary Holland Belgium Switzerland at more than 170 events.

He also work with the suppliers to those organisations providing thought leadership programmes & proposition development.

He designed the application of Customer Value, Measuring Customer Emotion, Applied Technology, Contact Strategy, CRM, Customer Service, Social Media, Voice of the Customer as vital elements of the value proposition. He designed Graphical Contact Routing.

E-books (2)
White Papers (20+)
Customer Events (Speeches, Chairpersons, Webinars, Launches Internal Kickoffs)
Films (5) Radio (2)
Articles 100+ (6 Languages)
Conferences 20+ per Annum

Isobel Rogers
Isobel RogersDirector of Customer Engagement
Isobel’s customer experience spans some 28 years within contact centre outsourcing. Starting out in the late 80s when the concept of contact centres was born in UK. Working in various vertical sectors, Isobel’s experience covers designing customer experience contact programmes, marketing and activity and managing operational teams.

With this wealth of experience, Isobel will focus on marketing and sales activity for the Customer Experience Foundation to grow the client base and help clients to enhance the customer experience and engagement for their customers.

Professor Juan Carlos Alcaide
Professor Juan Carlos AlcaideChairman Academic Standards Board & Special Advisor
Juan Carlos Alcaide is one of the most experienced Spanish consultants with greater experience and specialization in Services Marketing, Customer Service, Loyalty and Customer Experience; twenty-seven years of experience in consulting and executives training support it. He has a degree in Sociology by the Complutense University, and has various postgraduate courses in Marketing, Human Resources and Management.

He is the founder director of MdS – Services Marketing consultancy. He is a Professor in ESIC and IE, among other prestigious business schools. Currently he directs the Master of Customer Experience at La Salle IGS Business School. Alcaide defends a humanistic vision of the Marketing, without renouncing of course, to the use and application of technology, being a pioneer and working in CRM for over fifteen years. He advocates in his projects the closeness, warmth and engagement in the design of the processes of relationship with the clientele and management experiences. He has extensive experience in retention and churn management projects.
He is author and co-author of 10 specialised books. In addition, he has published several articles in journals of reference and general media in Spain and LATAM. He is a member of Thinking Heads and has lectured in Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Costa Rica, el Salvador, Cuba and Portugal. His experience as a business sociologist allows him to perfectly understand the social and market trends, interpreting them in terms of “what to do in consequence at a company-marketing level”.

Harry Cruickshank
Harry CruickshankSenior Advisor
Harry helps companies craft fit-for-purpose customer experience to deliver their commercial objectives.

An experienced c-level business leader, he has navigated businesses through complex changes, built teams and business operations that delivered great results and generated substantial revenue, profit and ROI.

Harry’s career spanned marketing, sales, customer service and commercial roles in technology and service organisations, from high-growth SMEs to market leaders such as Orange, GE and HP. Following that, he became a successful and award-winning interim manager, business advisor and board mentor, specialising in turning around under-performing teams and companies.

Harry is philosophical about the current explosion in interest around customer experience. “I spent much of my career in the 1980s and 1990s explaining how important customer experience was to various leadership teams. It’s good to see that companies now seem to understand this and want to do something positive about it.”

Richard Bennett
Richard BennettBoard Member
As a Board Member of the Customer Experience Foundation, Richard is an established global leader with a 20-years experience in technology trends and customer innovation.

Richard has a proven background in ‘c-level’ thought-leadership, team-management, business-transformation and a deep knowledge of global organisations and worldwide technology vendors.

He also has a detailed grasp of international client engagement processes and an aptitude for blending solutions and cloud services with management analytics, to evolve them.

By combining these experiences, he now focuses upon creating monetised growth across any market, by enhancing customer experience and engagement – to drive true customer loyalty.

Rupesh Raikundalia
Rupesh RaikundaliaBoard Member, CTO
As a Board Member of the Customer Experience Foundation Rupesh advises Global Organisations on the relationship between the latest trends in technology and Consumer Behaviour.
Sonia Etxebarria
Sonia Etxebarria Education Standards Board Member, and Special Advisor
Sonia Etxebarria is a partner in MdS – Marketing Services and director of the School of Customer Service (ESC). She is an expert in customer care and customer service, in attracting, retaining and growing large clients in multinational and international environments, with significant experience in the UK. She holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Deusto, specialized in Key Account Management by IESE and is certified in Customer Experience by DEC.

Throughout her professional background he has led high performance departments and teams in companies of diverse sectors, being remarkable her executive positions in logistic and telecomms companies. She has worked for MRW, New Bits, Globalcom Spain, Global One (France Telecom) or Bizak, among others. She has extensive experience in Business to Business projects and customer management.

She is currently the director and teacher of the Customer Service Professional Development Program at the International School of Communication (EIC). In addition, she serves on the board of DEC (Association for the Development of Customer Experience) as a member of the “Knowledge Team”.

Sandra Thompson
Sandra ThompsonBoard Member
Sandra has worked in commercial and not-for-profit environments in senior roles for brands such as Avios, bmiregional, National Trust and Macmillan Cancer Support. Her consultancy helps businesses to improve the experiences they provide for customers. Clients include Vodafone, Arsenal FC, Aldermore Bank, Network Rail and Open University.
Sergio Rendon
Sergio RendonBoard Member
A charismatic speaker and problem-solving globetrotter, with more than 20 years of multidisciplinary experience, Sergio has been helping teams globally, to create a better understanding of their customers in the international scene, around organizations such Telefónica,, Microsoft, TokBOX and Qualtrics.

He has created several new concepts on the CX practice, generating enough momentum to organizational change in order to amaze customers and stakeholders into a single world class experience.

Before joining CXFO he worked with a global scope, several years on the B2B side of Telco sector in America and Europe.

Suneeta Khutan
Suneeta KhutanBoard Member
Founding Partner CXFO Managing Director of Red Sun Consulting and Head of CXFO Contact Centre Practice

A globally recognised expert in contact strategy and contact centres, she uniquely understands the tensions between the business, technology and now social media and channel requirements. Suneeta has over 10 years operational management experience running large-scale contact centres, and over 15 years experience running large-scale £10 million plus global transformation programmes. She has worked across all verticals of industry from financial services, government, retail, utilities and hospitality, and helped transform hundreds of organisations.