BAT 17 Digital

The most important customer experience

Conference and Workshop of 2017

opens on your device on April 7th

Behaviour & Technology in CX Digital is the conference in your pocket

It opens on 7th April

BAT17 Digital is about how behaviour and technology connect to deliver Customer Experience


 At BAT17 you will find great interviews from global experts, lots of different experiences that provide insights that will affect the bottom line that you can implement straight away and a series interactive tools you can use. It is digital and it is free

 It is the Conference and Technology Expo in your pocket – You can watch the content and try the tools on any device – at your own pace.

That’s why delegates are registering from all over the world

A unique event including practical interactive experiences, games, meeting rooms a virtual coffee shop and a bunch of other things that will help you transform your Customer Experience.

This experience is designed to show you how behaviour impacts your bottom line. We guarantee it will give you a fresh perspective on your customers and your business strategy.

It will change the way you do business

You also get free access to a range of BAT CX Tools and resources specially for delegates

0 hours
8 Hours – that change how you think about everything – in the room and on your devices.
50 Experiences & Case Studies – hands-on experiments and activities to trigger your thinking, plus examples of best practice.
20+ Experts – on hand for you to talk to and learn from; make the most of this opportunity to quiz them.
5000 Delegates from around the world – new connections and collaborators, with a host on hand to help with introductions.

Behaviour is the largest differentiator in Customer Experience

Think about this. What makes Amazon, Apple, Disney, Lego, Build a Bear, & John Lewis special? Behaviour is at the heart of everything.  Look at every leading company in every sector from First Direct to Zappos, its all about the experience, not the technology. Some of them do have great technology but that’s not why they stand out. It’s because of how they make you feel.

Key Factor

Behaviour is the key factor in the design and delivery of Customer Experience (CX).

Rapid Change

Behavioural Science is now moving forward at such a pace it must be considered as a major part of the way in which we think about Customer Experience. It’s not just about how our customers behave – it’s also about how we behave as organisations…and our relationships with technology.

Having great technology is one thing but using it to create great experiences is another. We use behavioural science to dramatically reduce costs and increase the value of every pound, euro or dollar spent on Customer Experience, Service and Marketing.

Join Business leaders and Customer Experience Practitioners from around the world although this experience is completely free but there are a limited number of places so you will need to click to get a ticket now.

Please note – We are not going to to be able to offer the London Science Museum experience – it has been postponed. If you have any questions about the 8th March event then please use the contact page.

Some of the Award winning Speakers & Experts appearing in the next few episodes