5 days to go till Episode 1 and someone smiled

The miracle at Boots - why babies and comedians are good for your customer experience and Episode 1 of BAT17 For those who have read my last couple blogs you will know that this Friday we launch BAT17 the conference in your pocket. (BAT17 is short for Behaviour & Technology in Customer Experience by the [...]

Global CX Maturity Survey 2016 – 2017

We are asking  you to take part in our global survey about Customer Experience for senior professionals in large organisations and their partners. There is a growing awareness that excellence in Customer Experience (CX) delivers significant commercial benefits and builds customer loyalty, advocacy and long-term value. Companies win, by using [...]

Customer Journey Mapping Training & Cert On-line

Customer Journey Mapping for CXFO Qualification at your own pace This is a detailed course on customer journey mapping looking at best practice every aspect touched by the customer journey. It provides the basic framework to connect your customers journey to your financial and operational tools. This course covers: Mapping methodologies Project management & Business [...]

CX Essentials Detailed Course Outline

"Training should be delivered as experience"`   Learn some Essential elements of Customer Experience  like journey mapping and Voice of the customer and play with Artificial Intelligence, Behavioural Science & Engineering,    Gamification Customer Satisfaction, Cool Technology  Technology Design,   Organisational Design and Execution   The aim is to take you through [...]

Customer Experience Essentials for Contact Centre Professionals Training Course London Liverpool November 2015

1 Day Customer Experience Essentials for Contact Centre Professionals Training Course CXFO Certified Contact Centre Professionals and senior managers in other fields simply don't have the fundamentals of CX as part of their training. Customer Experience is not a bolt on for the worlds most successful organisations and that's because they invest in training their [...]

IVR Experience Engineering Training Course London 3rd November 2015

A special training course on IVR Experience Design 1 Day IVR Experience Engineering CXFO Certified Did you know …..if you repeat the same message in your IVR 3 times – Your Customers are 3-5 times more likely to hang up and phone back if under stress? Why – We like journeys’ not time loops [...]

CX Training Workshops Updated

CX Training Workshops for 2015-16 1 - day Training Workshops Our customer experience training workshops combine the best practitioners and teachers with the highest quality content, and remarkable venues to deliver the ultimate training experience. Over three days we offer two courses a day covering six subjects. Each of these is covered in sufficient [...]

CX Organisational Design

There will be CXOD (CX Organisational Design) 1 day training courses globally this academic year (15-16). 1 Day CX Organisational Design CXFO Certified The course will cover the history of the current most common Business/Organisational structures. It will provide an insight into the changes and the impacts on the target operating model. It will look [...]

Behavioural Engineering Training Course

There will be CXBE (CX Behavioural Engineering) 1 day training courses globally this academic year (15-16). 1 Day Behavioural Science & Engineering CXFO Certified This is an emotional business. Our Customers are people even in B2B. The course will cover work in behavioural science, from case studies to the latest studies. From Daniel Pink, Dan Gilbert, [...]

CX Omni Channel Design

There will be CX OCD (CX Omni Channel Design) 1 day training courses globally this academic year (15-16). 1 Day CX Omni Channel Design CXFO Certified The course will cover the mechanics of Omni-channel service design. From connecting channels & silos together to key strategies such as: The single customer experience across every channel is now [...]