Global CX Maturity Survey 2016 – 2017

We are asking  you to take part in our global survey about Customer Experience for senior professionals in large organisations and their partners. There is a growing awareness that excellence in Customer Experience (CX) delivers significant commercial benefits and builds customer loyalty, advocacy and long-term value. Companies win, by using [...]

Customer Power

Morris Pentel talks about a key fundamental change in the business landscape over the last few years. The change to the balance of economic power from the organisation to the socially empowered consumer is dramatic. Filmed at the end of 2014 at a conference near Tower Bridge in London this keynote looked at impacts on [...]

Customer Journey Mapping Training & Cert On-line

Customer Journey Mapping for CXFO Qualification at your own pace This is a detailed course on customer journey mapping looking at best practice every aspect touched by the customer journey. It provides the basic framework to connect your customers journey to your financial and operational tools. This course covers: Mapping methodologies Project management & Business [...]

CX Essentials Detailed Course Outline

"Training should be delivered as experience"`   Learn some Essential elements of Customer Experience  like journey mapping and Voice of the customer and play with Artificial Intelligence, Behavioural Science & Engineering,    Gamification Customer Satisfaction, Cool Technology  Technology Design,   Organisational Design and Execution   The aim is to take you through [...]

10 things that will change Retail at RBTE

We bring together 10 of the most significant things you could do today to change the retail experience of tomorrow in one demo at RBTE By Mo Pentel @morrispentel TheFutureStore.Today is a collaboration of a group of 3 of the best technology solution design and delivery providers and a group of major manufacturers, the Customer [...]

Puzzles and Mysteries and the real value of Text Analytics

By: Josh Anderson and Chris West, Verbal Identity Ltd Data-rich Marketing Directors and Customer Experience Directors now face a similar situation to the “Screwball Division” of Allied Intelligence during World War II. Malcolm Gladwell, in his 2007 article Open Secrets, tells us how this group of “slightly batty geniuses” (that’s the Screwball Division, not the [...]

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Samsung join theFutureStore.Today project

As Mobile and other connected technologies are redefining the retail landscape, combined with a more tech-savvy generation of shoppers, the use of technology in retail environments is more important than ever. At RBTE, Samsung will be showing retailers how our technology can help them overcome some of the challenges they face, by increasing customer engagement, [...]

PSS Help

PSS are the worlds leading 3rd party support company providing Support Everywhere for platforms and applications. They also provide flexible business as usual services to allow you to keep the lights on, and have innovative solutions such as Desktop Everywhere that connects the front and back office and Engage Everywhere with solutions such as Visual [...]

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Britannic Technologies

Britannic Technologies enhance the customer experience through innovative communications and introduce new ways of working to the retail sector. Britannic Technologies, an award winning provider of telecommunications solutions, contact centres, systems integration and managed services works in partnership with the Customer Experience Foundation (CEF), a leading business science consultancy focusing on customer experience and contact strategy, [...]

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CPM deliver High Performance Sales and Exceptional Customer Experiences through our contact centre, digital and field marketing expertise. Whether it’s telesales, digital customer engagement or customer care lines, CPM offer award-winning, ROI driven solutions for clients across a range of industry sectors. We do this through our international multi-channel, multi-lingual contact centres; servicing over thirty [...]

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