Graphical Contact Routing – Cross Channel Service

M-Contact 2.0 is just around the corner. Newer features like NFC (Near Field Communications) Virtual Assistance, Augmented Reality, and Service Delivery Improvements all take the mobile relationship and m-commerce to the next level. Common behaviour is expected to change as radically as we saw during the demise of the cash based transactional society a few years ago or the arrival of social media.

Graphical Contact Routing Queuing

The fundamentals of mobile usage are all in a state of change. The user interface, the power of the devices and the addition of new features like NFC will create new mobile behaviours. The existing trends cannot be used as a guide to this brave new world as they impact phone usage in such a fundamental way. Offers that come to life as you walk past them, will compete for your attention. Cashless payment will see the end of the traditional checkout queue and new forms of retail and banking based on social networks are likely to have a major impact on the m-commerce landscape.

The empowered consumer will take these new features and use them in completely unexpected ways and businesses will have to find new ways to commercialise the popular features that are used. Shopping will become the second or third most common use of a mobile over the next 3 – 5 years.