Graphical Contact Routing – Emotion Detection in Customer Contact

There is little doubt that happy staff and happy customers are at the core of profitable transactions. Customer Insight has proven over the last 10 years that happy customers spend more and cost less to service. That unhappy customers can damage your brand and service recovery can be as expensive as new customer acquisition.

However emotion has always been a subject that organisations have struggled with. It’s tough to describe and tougher to do something about. When a customer is in a bad mood or angry what do.

Customer Experience Model 2

How angry is angry and what does “very” mean?

Service recovery & reputational costs are driven by subjective judgements about that word “very”. It is judgements that you build into your business processes and staff training. Getting it wrong can add significantly to service recovery cost and staff attrition.

Contact Centre Emotion Detection software can provide objective benchmarks that provide a language to describe customer emotion. It provides the ability to measure the customer experience in a completely impartial way and is a major step towards providing organisations with a business language to describe customer emotions. It is that ability to objectively describe emotions that is at the heart of the next generation of customer experience.