Project Description

Graphical Contact Routing is the strategy to replace the majority of first line IVR Queuing & Routing to the contact centre with Virtual Queuing & Routing from Graphical Routing Options provided to the user through website tablet and smart-phone App.

You might be able to reduce your use of IVR by 70 – 80%. Think of the customer feedback and the cost savings.  Simply by driving customers to use the website tablet and smart-phone app to route and queue the call to your contact centre agents instead of hanging on till someone is free. This drive should be pushing on an open door as it GCR is so much easier and faster then what is available today through IVR.It is likely that the role of IVR will change to become more integrated into a blended omni-channel contact approach and this trend is gaining pace driven by customer expectation and the ability of innovators to bring together functionality. The increased efficiency of blending voice and graphical contact drives lower cost and improved customer experience.

Barclays Bank are the first High Street Bank to build this strategy into their customer experience through a button in their  app. They started advertising it in the summer of 2013. It is only a matter of time before other banks and other IVR owners start to use this to reduce their costs

GCR can be up to 30 times faster than IVR as a customer experience and it is massively cheaper to operate. Given the cost and unpopularity of IVR this strategy focused on the answers to 3 questions tested against the most popular cost and customer experience measurement systems across all the impacted disciplines such as financial (ROI & ROCE) and Insight (Net Promoter & Customer Effort) etc. This approach has also led to Visual IVR from Jacada  and other suppliers implementations which are one version of this approach.

Bad Habits

We are currently addicted to IVR to manage inbound contact to the Contact Centre but now this approach is looking very costly and dated. The outcome of research is that every organisation needs to look at the 3 year strategy for IVR.

The resources we have provided allow you to test the benefits case. There are the questions together with the outputs that would be impacted. Some design idea and some commentary. The work is based on industry recognised Stats. and actual programmes that are being delivered now.


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