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EMS© (Emotional Modelling Score)

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How angry was the Customer? How to use EMS © (Emotional Modelling Scores) All Customer Experiences are emotional. But most organisations are almost blind to the subject. Why? - because they lack the language to describe emotional states and the metrics to measure how successfully they are dealing with them. How angry is angry? [...]

Customer Experience Audits

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The idea of an audit is to identify opportunities to make your experiences smother and more effective. The smother the experience the better. An audit provides a view of challenges. There are a range of CX Auditing options from mystery shopping to detailed physical reaction metric. From NPS ans CSAT to social engagement and trust [...]

Advanced Visual Customer Journey Mapping

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Visual Customer Journey Mapping provides a model that is accessible to all stakeholders and provides a single view of the customer relationship with the organisation according to the level of detail required and by whom. Its a simple way to manage a complex model providing access to all stakeholder   To bring together the stands [...]

Customer Experience Design and Engineering

Our business is about designing your organisation to reduce cost and increase the value of each contact with each customer. It is about what is going on now and how large organisations design strategy around it. Customer Experience Design is about understanding how the latest trends in innovation may impact your model and about using [...]

Bigger than the internet

CUSTOMER POWER & SOCIAL ME CUSTOMER POWER - It is the arrival of the practical ability of customers to set the organisational agenda in every area of activity From social responsibility to support through channels of their choice with SLA’s that they dictate. It is being practically demonstrated everywhere and is increasing in both frequency [...]

Bots and automated experiences

The ultimate in cost effective staff delivering consistent customer service is a bot but its within limits. We use behavioural science to create a bot personality to engage your customers. A bot can cover gaps between the inconsistent nature of channels and create a new stronger relationship with your customer and deliver channel integration and [...]