TheFutureStore.Today is a collaboration of a group of 3 of the best technology solution design and delivery providers and a group of major manufacturers, the Customer Experience Foundation and a contact centre and overall around 20 of the best experts we could find and the brilliant support of the organisers of RBTE themselves and a bunch of other people , who between them could completely revolutionise your customer experience.(Thanks everyone)

Working together they have built live demos  and interactive customer experiences that highlight some of the key aspects of how your relationship with technology is changing and how you can deliver Customer Experience better – and better means more cost effective (adding revenue – reducing cost).

As part of Eye on Innovation at RBTE each group has focused on demonstrating a clear insight about how existing technology from the world leading companies Apple Microsoft Google Amazon with special help from Samsung (thanks guys) who are letting us use their coolest tech and they have their own stand with the latest retail interfaces and consumer tech demonstrating more of those things that will shape what the future retail experience will be. They are showing wearable tech & mobile payment both of which could totally revolutionise your business processes.

This is a practical stuff (including a live great live demo of video customer engagement courtesy of  Avaya (thanks guys) and remarkable In-Store Analytic Enhancements from Cisco that is also a customer engagement tool also makes your wifi better (thanks guys too) the latest ideas and trends in retail that will shape the future of your next 3 years.

Everything about the changing nature or your customer relationship

Around 20 of the best experts in retail technology and business strategy have collaborated to give you a feel of how customer experience is changing right now.


Yes a real person helping you on a funny robot for less than 10% the fully loaded cost of a desk

In simple terms these are demonstrations of what we think are the next major trends in retail. Each of these demos could be delivered today and each one could revolutionise your customer engagement. Together they suggest that retail will be very different in 3 years.

There are even some rather cool robots.

We demonstrate how I can bring my home into your store or you can bring your store into my home

A jump sim for your tablet or phone that will go to any network

Together thefuturestore.today demonstrates the top trends that will change the retail experience. How the blending of technology designed around the customer experience and the trends in consumer behaviour and technology are changing your customer relationship.

They cover a significant number of major changes in the retail customer relationship.

We are displaying the latest innovations in Retail & Consumer Technology to demonstrate the future of Retail Experience.

In-store Analytics, Video Customer Service, Augmented Reality, Call Centre agents without the call centre, “Bring your home into my shop” Remote Experts, Digital Engagement and even Robots brought together to highlight “Retail Everywhere”.

It is a demonstration of the future Omni-Channel Customer Experience connecting online in-store mobile and social shopping channels together into a single experience and relationship between you and your customer.

This demo will be available at the

Retail Business Technology Expo and you will be able to visit it at Olympia London 10/11th March 2015 and remotely.


Customers now expect you to do business with them through the channels they choose at the time they want it. We are going to demonstrate how you deliver your staff to the customer whenever and where ever they want. You will see:

Video Agents and Expert Collaboration

Call Centre Agents without the call centre becoming floor staff

Single Desktop across the whole of the Enterprise that even your customers can use

Cisco Systems Wi-Fi and Retail Analytics are the latest innovation in understanding the customers’ behavior when they are in your store and what they spend their time doing when they are there.

Understand customer footfall and movement through store

Track ratio between people passing by the store and entering

Understand how long people are in store and which locations

Provide branded splash screens and social media splash screens – (e.g. Facebook and Twitter)

Use shopper sign-on events to trigger loyalty rewards, send promotional messages, and even alert staff to VIP customer presence.
Measure customer loyalty – repeat visits and frequency, enabling you to design relevant rewards programs
Undertake push marketing – promotions and interactive campaigns to mobiles, tablets / next-gen devices – IoT’s

More and more Retailers are augmenting the experience to engage customers and increase their share of wallet. There are many different ways that this can be done and at the show you will see:

How customers may completely change the way that they shop for furniture and home decorations – read Bringing my home to your shop

How Wi-Fi may be the next tool in Customer Loyalty

How Augmented Reality may change the In-Store Experience as well as shopping at home

How Robots may bring you closer to your customers

How Barcodes will connect you to an expert

Customer Experience Design and Loyalty Programmes are a constant battlefield and having the right tools and systems is only part of the story. You will be able to find out

How to build better Customer Journeys

How to create Customer Loyalty

How to build engaging Customer Experiences

How to make your whole organisation think like the customer

How to make the most of social communication

Connecting the channels together properly is a vital way to respond to the demands that customers are making on you today. How do you deliver the Omni-Channel single experience that delights the customer and saves you money. You will see:

How to respond to Customer Power

How to connect your website to your call centre, your call centre to your shop, your shop to your delivery driver and your service centre and every other part of your organisation. If retail is everywhere and if the customer is at the heart of your organisation then your goal must be:

Delivering Appropriate Contact “To deliver the organisations resources and business rules to the customer facing situation in the most appropriate way through the most appropriate channel to achieve required outcome”

We show you what the future of appropriate contact will be


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