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5 days to go till Episode 1 and someone smiled

The miracle at Boots - why babies and comedians are good for your customer experience and Episode 1 of BAT17 For those who have read my last couple blogs you will know that this Friday we launch BAT17 the conference in your pocket. (BAT17 is short for Behaviour & Technology in Customer Experience by the [...]

CX Essentials Detailed Course Outline

"Training should be delivered as experience"`   Learn some Essential elements of Customer Experience  like journey mapping and Voice of the customer and play with Artificial Intelligence, Behavioural Science & Engineering,    Gamification Customer Satisfaction, Cool Technology  Technology Design,   Organisational Design and Execution   The aim is to take you through [...]

Customer Experience Strategy Audit – DIY Tips

Understanding if your Customer Experience Strategy is fit for purpose is vital. What are the key trends that you are developing tactics to address within your strategy today and are they the right ones? Since we started Customer Experience Audits as a process more and more people have been writing to me to ask for [...]

12 Million “Missing” Bottles of Wine – & Customer Experience Auditing

Apparently somebody (Mark Bellis of John Moore University and his colleagues – Source BBC) has just worked out that 12 million more bottles of wine are being brought in the UK than people say they drink - every week. That’s about 624,000,000 bottles a year that are missing from the official stats. Are people stocking [...]